About Standard Steel Fabricating in Seattle, WA

With experience, hard work, and dedication, our founder William Duthie started Standard Steel in 1936. This was a time when Seattle was a burgeoning seaport, with an eye on future expansion of Northwest construction activity.
Without our hard-working employees and dedicated managers, Standard Steel wouldn't be the company it is today. Our team helped bring innovation to the structural steel industry. With a commitment to quality and pride of craftsmanship, it's no wonder we've become the Northwest's leading custom steel fabricator.

Values & Integrity

Our traditional values and integrity continue to play an important role in our business ethics today, as Standard Steel Fabricating continues to forge customer relationships and sets the bar in steel structures for the Northwest's construction industry.
Our company provides knowledge, experience, and capability which are key elements to steel fabrication. With over 80 years in business, we have the experience and expertise to take on jobs of all sizes. For more information on what Standard Steel Fabricating can do for you call us at (206) 767-3314.
Stone building — Structural steel in Seattle, WA